tisdag 17 mars 2015

Mönster till barnvagnsmobilen med elefanter översatt till danska

Nu finns mönstret till barnvagnsmobilen med elefanterna även på danska.

Tack Ditte Pedersen för din översättning!

Mönstret på svenska hittar ni här

Kroppen x2
1. 15 lm
2. 2 fm i 2 lm fra nålen, 13 fm, 1 lm vend (15)
3. 14 fm, 2 fm i sidste maske, 1 lm vend (16)
4. 2 fm i første maske, 15 fm, 1 lm vend (17)
5. 16 fm, 2 fm i sidste maske, 1 lm vend (18)
6. 2 fm i første maske, 17 fm, 1 lm vend (19)
7. 18 fm, 2 fm i sidste maske, 1 lm vend (20)
8-11. 16 fm, 1 lm vend (16)
12. 16 fm, 5 lm vend (21)
13. 1 fm i 2 lm fra nålen, 19 fm, 1 lm vend (20)
14-17. 20 fm, 1 lm vend (20)
18-19. 14 fm, 1 lm vend (14)
20. 14 fm, 7 lm vend (21)
21. 1 fm i 2 lm fra nålen, 17 fm, 2 fm sammen (19)
22. 2 fm sammen, 17 fm, 1 lm vend (18)
23. 16 fm, 2 fm sammen (17)

Øre x2
1. 2 lm
2. 3 fm i 1 lm, 1 lm vend (3)
3. 2 fm i hver maske, 1 lm vend (6)
4. 1 fm i første maske, 2 fm i næste maske x3 (9)
5. 2 fm, 2 fm i næste maske x3 (12)
6. 3 fm, 2 fm i næste maske x3 (15)

19 kommentarer:

  1. Hi my name is Ilse
    I'm from Holland
    I love this ellefant do you have the patern in English or Dutch or German?
    And do you mind if i share on facebook?
    I hope you will send me an e-mail
    greatings Ilse

  2. Wat een beeldige olifantjes, zou ze graag ook willen maken!

  3. Tha,k you so much I love your patterns, thx for sharing! When I am crocheting one of those, I will link to your blog!
    greets Sofie from Belgium ;-)

  4. Oh, just perfect! Love from Marie from www.schautmal.de (Germany ;))

  5. Hi my name is Silvia from Argentina

    I love this ellefant do you have the patern in English?

    I hope you will send me an e-mail
    My best

  6. Hej! Vill bara tacka för all inspiration och hjälp du gav mig på mässan igår! (det var jag som var nybörjare och alldeles kär i den stora elefanten :) )

  7. Hi! I love these cute elefhants. I was wondering if you have the pattern in English and you could send it to my e-mail. My e-mail is sushimarian@gmailcom. Thanks in advance

  8. Så himla fina och så fint av dig att dela med dig, allt du gör e super fint ❤️

  9. Hi I love these elephants,do you have the pattern in English please,my email is mackenzie151@virginmedia.com.
    Thank You

  10. I am Ilse Bothma from Durban South AFrica. My daughter, Izel is expecting a boy and I would love to try and knit your elephants. I am not a good crotcherer but would love to try yours as it looks fairly easy...I hope. Could you maybe send me the pattern in English/Dutch/German as AFrikaans, my language is close to it. My mail address is ilse.bothma@gmail.com. Thank you for the pleasure of enjoying your pictures. Hope you have a blessed Sunday. It is now 15h00 here in Durban and the sun is shining brightly outside...like summer.
    Kind regards
    Ilse Bothma

  11. I love your elephants and my daughter loves them too. Do you have the english pattern for it? Would love to make them for my little girl.
    my mail adress is: leelouminai@hotmail.com

    thank you so much!

  12. Oh my goodness...so cute! I would love to be able to make these. If you ever make an english pattern could you send to butterflies1964@gmail.com. Thank you :)

  13. Hello! Do you have this pattern in English?


    Thank you!

  14. Hello! I love this elephants and all your job 💜
    Do you have the english pattern, please? My email is martaullod@icloud.com

    Thank you very much!

  15. Hey i love the elephant so much ��
    And i would like to ask if i can sell finished elephants when each doll carries a label saying that it was handmade by (my name) from a pattern by (Your Name)
    Love from Germany

  16. Love your pattern, I am from Chile Do you have the pattern in english or spanish?
    My mail is: cec.arias19@gmail.com
    Great job! So inspirational!

  17. The elephants looks so adorable. I hope you can share it in an English pattern. If that's okay with you, kindly send it to my email address kcmascenon@gmail.com . Thank you in advance. Happy new year !

  18. Just hit translate in google

  19. How gorgeous are these elephants. Yes please could I have the pattern in English. Kindly email me sunshinezee@gmail.com